Why work with a Nutritional Therapist as a cancer survivor?

All professionals possess their own areas of expertise, and mine is in the field of cancer nutrition, specifically breast cancer. It serves as a crucial pillar in supporting individuals during and after their cancer treatment journey. I understand that discussing your specific nutrition needs with your medical team can often feel overwhelming and perplexing. When we collaborate, my goal is to go beyond generic advice like ‘maintain a balanced diet’ and instead, work together to determine precisely what that entails for you.

Since each person’s situation is unique, it’s only fitting that their dietary plan is equally tailored to their individual experience and cancer type. As a cancer nutritionist, I assist you in crafting a personalised plan that aligns with your distinct needs. Moreover, I provide guidance in managing any new dietary challenges that may arise and help you adhere to your nutritional goals while minimizing any food-related stressors.

Research has consistently demonstrated that taking a proactive approach to nutrition is the key factor contributing to the most successful cancer survivorship, both throughout the treatment process and in the period following treatment.

Studies show that working with a Nutritional Therapist during and after treatment has the following benefits:

  • Increased treatment attendance
  • Improved tolerance to treatment
  • Quicker recovery after treatment
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved food choices and anxiety around food