10 Nutritional Habits to Embrace Now for a Brighter, Healthier Life

10 Nutritional Habits to Embrace Now for a Brighter, Healthier Life

A brand new year to look forward to, so why not embark on a journey to adopt some fantastic healthy habits?

So, to sprinkle a bit of inspiration on your New Year’s resolutions, here are 10 nutritional habits to include in your routine for a longer and happier life!

  1. Go Green with More Plant-Based Delights

Adding more plant-based goodies to your diet isn’t just on trend; it’s a proven way to lower your BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Plus, it’s a superhero move for your immune system and helps your body shake off those modern-day chemical burdens. So, let your plate blossom with veggies, fruits, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, and whole grains – a surefire recipe for a flourishing life!

  1. Detox Your Life from Toxins

It’s not just about what you put in; it’s also about what you keep out. In our toxin-laden world, choose Certified Organic goodies, organic fabrics, and non-toxic cleaners. Consider filtering your tap water and embrace the purifying power of air purifiers at home. Let’s give those nasty toxins a run for their money!

  1. Keep the Vitamin Party Going

Aging may try to sneak in some vitamin deficiencies. While plant-based is the way to go, a little help from vitamin supplements, especially the B vits, can fill those nutritional gaps. A daily dose of vitamins – because who doesn’t love a healthy boost!

  1. Regular Exercise

Food alone can’t be your body’s superhero. Include regular exercise, and you’ve got a dynamic duo. Just 75 minutes of lively activities each week can kick cancer to the curb. Whether it’s swimming, jogging, or a bit of tennis, make it a date with your body!

  1. Don’t forget about: Nuts, Beans, and Legumes

Don’t let aging steal your muscle mass! Fuel up with protein-packed plant goodies like nuts, beans, and legumes. They not only keep your muscles happy but also bring along the fibre and healthy fats.

  1. Welcome Antioxidants and say goodbye to “Inflammaging”

Combat “inflammaging” with an antioxidant-rich diet. Sprinkle your life with herbs, spices, berries, beets, cruciferous veg and sweet potatoes. The more colour on your plate the better.

  1. Sip on Green Tea

Green tea is a health elixir, packed with anti-inflammatory powers, immune system support, and a bunch of antioxidants. Sip, savour, and stay healthy!

  1. Quality Sleep

Give your body the TLC it deserves with 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep. It’s the magical time when your body repairs, detoxifies, and bids farewell to pesky proteins associated with Alzheimer’s. Sweet dreams for a sharper mind!

  1. Reduce high blood pressure

Reign in the salt. Keep an eye out for sneaky sodium in processed foods, savoury snacks, deli meats, and anything canned or pickled. Your heart will thank you!

  1. 10.Ditch the processed foods.

Steer clear of the sodium, sugar, and artificial additives. Embrace the goodness of naturally derived foods – your body will thank you.

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